NASA Mars Lander Goes Into Safe Mode During Large Dust Storm

Every robotic explorer that lands on Mars have to contend with the planet’s famously dusty conditions. NASA’s InSight lander, which took up residence on the Red Planet in 2018, is hunkering down due to a large, regional dust storm. InSight went into safe mode — a mode designed to protect the lander –on January 7 […]

Moxie Marlinspike Leaves encrypted-messaging App Signal

Moxie Marlinspike, the co-founder and chief executive of encrypted-messaging app Signal, has resigned. He blogged it was a “good time to replace myself as CEO” after working on Signal for over a decade. Signal recently enabled crypto-currency payments within the app, which has concerned some users. Mr. Marlinspike remains a board member of the SInal […]

Tesla adds Chill and Assertive Self-driving Modes

Tesla’s automated driver-assist feature has added an assertive driving mode. The setting will follow other cars more closely, change lanes more frequently, not leave the overtaking lane, and perform rolling stops. Such driver behavior by humans is often discouraged by safety groups. However, it could sometimes be safer for an automated system to be more […]

Instagram Blocked Hashtag in Memory of Iran Plane Crash Victims

Instagram blocked posts using the hashtag in memory of the victims of a Ukrainian airliner shot down by the Iranian security force two years ago. Families of the 176 victims found posts with the hashtag #IWillLightACandletoo, as well as its Persian version, were not visible to users. A cybersecurity expert said it appeared that Iran […]

France Fines Google and Facebook over cookies

French regulators have hit Google and Facebook with 210 million euros ($237 million) in fines over their use of “cookies”, the data used to track users online, authorities said Thursday. Data privacy watchdog the CNIL said both sites were making it difficult for internet users to refuse the online trackers. Consent for the use of […]

Bitcoin Prices Fall to Lowest in this Month

Bitcoin prices have fallen to their lowest level in months following remarks from the US Federal Reserves. The crypto-currency dropped in value from $47,000 (£34,700) earlier this week to less than $42,000 (£31,000) per digital coin. It follows minutes from a meeting of the Federal Reserve, which suggested it may raise interest rates. Political events […]

Eco Friendly Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from Electronic Waves

Manufactures rely on rare earth elements, like Neodymium, to create strong magnets used in motors for electronics including hybrid cars, aircraft generators, loudspeakers, hard drives, and in-ear headphones. But mineral deposits containing neodymium are hard to reach and are found in just a few places on Earth. Due to increasing industrial demands for neodymium, a […]


Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 is live now after being much awaited by the players. The update is named as “Spurned & Burned,” which brings an updated Battle Pass, all new map, upgraded Multiplayer Modes, and much more. The new season is now available on both Android and iOS with an updated style of […]