Download Among Us (Always Imposter More!) free on android


  • Updated: Today
  • Version: 2020.10.22
  • Requirements: Android 4.4
  • Genre: Action
  • Downloads: 100M+
  • PlayStore URL:


Among Us is a madly compelling and totally eccentric online activity game in which from 4 to 10 individuals can partake. They will play out the part of the team of the rocket, which is bit by bit getting ready to leave for a far off objective. That is only the issue and the principle highlight of the game is that one of the members is an executioner. He needs to wipe out everybody, no matter what, utilizing different techniques and strategies accessible for this. Stunts, traps, damage, arrangements and significantly more in the miscreant’s munititions stockpile. Which likewise needs to not stand apart from others and not stimulate any doubt. Aficionados of community and eccentricism will be more than content with the ongoing interaction.Among Us



What’s in Fashion:

  • – Always Imposter
  • – Player Speed (Slider)
  • – Ghost Player Speed (Slider)
  • – Player Colour (Slider)
  • – No Leave Cooldown
  • – No Ads
  • – Unlock All Pets
  • – Unlock All Hats
  • – Unlock All Skins
  • – Increased Light Amount
  • – VSync On
  • – Fake Godmode [Trolling]
  • – Make Everyone Green
  • – Increased Report Distance
  • – No Kill Cooldown
  • – Out of Map [After First Vote]
  • – Instant Win [Enable Before Match] [Host]
  • – Complete All Tasks [Enable Before Match] [Host]
  • – Illegal Name [Other people can see it] [Everyone gets the name if you’re the host]
  • – Unlimited Emergencies
  • – No Door Cooldown
  • – Always Enable Chat
  • – Message Limit Bypass


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