Download Among Us 2020.11.17 (Unlocked, And More!) free on android


  • Version: 2020.11.17
  •  Root needed: NO
  •  Internet required: YES
  •  Size: 61.9 MB
  •  Price: FreeSupport
  •  Categories: Action Game
  •  PlayStore URL:

Among Us is a center dream activity game intended for game meetings with at any rate five individuals. Clients will have the option to act here in two pretenses: in the function of tranquil characters or as a lawbreaker. In the primary case, the saints should sort out the adversary and keep him from dispensing with everybody, and in the second, in actuality, devastate every single common occupant. Both won’t be anything but difficult to do, since the game is brimming with arbitrary occasions that can drastically change the entire cycle for both the primary gathering of members and the scalawag.

What’s new:

Balance changes:

– Comms sabotage hides task arrows

– Comms red light no longer immediately responds to the correct position.

Bug fixes:

– Fix camera flinging on security cams

– Fix inaccurate admin table on Polus

– Fix Polus panels reachable through walls

– Fix solo-complete reactor/seismic exploit

– Fix align engine exploit and softlock

Mod Fashion:

  1. Player Speed (Slider)
  2. Ghost Player Speed (Slider)
  3. Player Colour (Slider)
  4. No Leave Cooldown
  5. Unlock All Pets
  6. Unlock All Hats
  7. Unlock All Skins
  8. Light Increase
  9. Increased Report Distance
  10. Out of Map [After First Vote]
  11. No Door Sabotage Cooldown
  12. No Kill Cooldown
  13. Illegal Name
  14. No Emergency Cooldown
  15. Unlimited Emergencies
  16. No Ads
  17. Fake Godmode
  18. Make Everyone Green [Visual]
  19. Move During Tasks/Meetings/Menus
  20. Chat Always Visible
  21. Close Doors (Spinner)
  22. Repair Systems (Spinner)
  23. Sabotage Systems (Spinner)
  24. Noclip
  25. Player 2/3 = Impostor
  26. Username Character Bypass
  27. Fake Impostor [Turn on in lobby, then off when in game]
  28. Light Everywhere [Buggy] [Turn on in game, then off when a meeting is called]
  29. Always Impostor
  30. Complete All Tasks
  31. Voting Never Ends
  32. Impostor Count [0-10] (Slider)
  33. End Vote (Spinner)
  34. End Game [Screen Might Go Black] (Spinner)
  35. Random Hat Changer [Only use one of these]
  36. Random Skin Changer [Only use one of these]
  37. Random Pet Changer [Only use one of these]
  38. Random Colour Changer [Only use one of these]
  39. Location Teleporter [Beta]
  40. Vote Player (Spinner)

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