Atletico Madrid Beat Valladolid 2-1 and Win 2020-21 the La Liga Title

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Atletico Madrid won the La Liga Cup after Luis Suarez scored his goal stealing the 2-1 victory over Real Valladolid on this Saturday that fetched the team one more legendary Spanish title. Luis Suarez started this season after crying for being enforced out from FC Barcelona but closed it by shooting his 21st goal of the La Liga season earning Atletico Madrid a first league triumph since the year 2014, this one at the cost of defeating Real Madrid. Atletico Madrid was sure that the victory would guarantee them the cup irrespective of how Real Madrid performed at home to Villarreal which was never comfortable, with Valladolid taking a surprising lead in the early minutes. Real Madrid were far behind too for most of the afternoon minutes but the star, Karim Benzema compensated in the 87th minute adding to which Luka Modric also scored a late winning goal for 2-1 at Valdebebas, which left Atletico Madrid hanging in the end, as they were just one goal away from squaring off it all.

When the final whistle went off, the players rushed onto the field of happiness, Luis Suarez stuck underneath a pyramid of red and white jerseys, winning the Europe’s most nerve-tickling and competitive title race finally complete. Just about a week ago, Atletico coach, Diego Simeone said that this was the “Suarez Zone” and so he proved it to be one. The Uruguayan originated scored the winning goal against Osasuna the previous week to let the title stay in Atletico Madrid’s hands and yet again on the final day to engrave their name on the La Liga title.

It’s just only the second time in long 17 years that any team other than the apex FC Barcelona or Real Madrid have claimed the title on their name. Atletico Madrid won their second title under Simeone in 2014. Atletico Madrid went onto the match having been there on top since December and behind of beating Osasuna with the margin of two goals in the final eight minutes. The victory was so dramatic and it felt like it would prove to be conclusive.

But as a team Atletico Madrid have done nothing the easy way in this season, with the 10-points lead ahead February cut off to two in May and their place at the top of the table due to numerous slip-ups from both clubs Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. So, it was apt that faced with beating Real Valladolid, who were on the 19th position on the table and still had to jump over the line. Sundry hundreds of Atletico Madrid fans had gathered in Valladolid’s Plaza Mayor a few hours before kick-off to sing songs and almost the same number fans made it outside the stadium, where they anticipated the same.

Luis Suarez had a few of early opens but any little hopes of a comfortable afternoon were put in the 18th minute of the match when Valladolid took the initial lead.

It had come from an Atletico Madrid corner as Yannick Carrasco lost the ball and Valladolid took the advantage, passing the ball through midfield and ultimately to Oscar Plano, the former Real Madrid star who pulled and shot past Jan Oblak. Atletico Madrid had pushed as Luis Suarez’s efforts a lot and Felipe headed straight at Jordi Masip but they couldn’t hit it. Players shouted at Oblak to provide  the team a chance to regain the possesion. Simeone told the substitute players to relax. Both the teams were fighting at the half-time but Atletico Madrid emerged with courage and in a few minutes, the game turned to their favour.

Luis Suarez closed the La Liga season with 21 league goals streak and helping his team to the cup of La Liga and were 7 points ahead of his former team, FC Barcelona.

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