AWS In 2021 : What's New with AWS |

AWS In 2021 : What’s New with AWS | AWS Services : New Features and Updates |


You guys will come to this session by ending back in this live session will be looking into what’s new in AWS 2021. that is right now, we are in December month and whatever new things are getting introduced right now will be continued.

If you’re 2021 and we were looking at some of the exacting things that happened in the US aid this year, but just 2020, let’s start with the plan.

And what is the AWS briefly that’s not the actual part of decisions I give a brief about that and not all 2 to 3 minutes, and then we look at what’s new and ?

AWS In 2021 : What's New with AWS | AWS Services : New Features and Updates |
AWS In 2021 : What’s New with AWS | AWS Services : New Features and Updates |

What’s New with AWS ?

AWS has some previous facts and what are the AWS Services which code in which brought me toward Brockton and 2021 what are the services which could better and there are some AWS Services. You laughter alas, it handled tool. We look at some of the companies spending how much they’re paying you to need AWS.

Everything which happened in 2021 across the board for aid, so that’s is the current theme of the session.

So the total is looking into how to get started would be the last part of the station that covers how you can get started services delivery services storage migration customer engagement security management in AWS and governance and networking and content delivery.

These are the significant dose of the domains, which 8 of this concentrates on set up again. I’m not going to go in-depth with all these topics to compute in a sense of AWS .

They probably do servers database. They provide your database engines that had hosted online storage, again deployed your cloud storage.

What's New with AWS ?
What’s New with AWS ?

AWS Services : New Features and Updates

So like that all the other services are cloud services provided me 8 of US. so I think you got the point about why you did this.

so let me just briefly again before moving on to what’s new in aid of US first AWS is the number 1 cloud provider according to the market share. The growth rate is hosts 1 out of 3 websites on the internet.

That means any company you are looking to might be using you have yes. You can get a job recently. It provides a hi-so in 2021.

read more ;

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Web Development Career 

The new arrival all for certification was database on the extensive data certification and specialties turned into a data analytics certification so rest of all .

I get a tremendous professional solutions architect the same, so seasons are the same sysop Seidman developer DevOps engineer cloud practitioner advanced networking security machine learning Alexa skill below.

They’re all the same certifications, and though there are some new additions, for example in illustrations architect associate they introduced second of AWS .

AWS Services : New Features and Updates

AWS In 2021

let’s see a new update, for instance, they were using a single set of topics they were using a single set of guidelines for solutions are getting examinations to introduce a AWS  Set of tools.

Which has to be included in aspen that gets updated every year and. Right now, you can see the database is the newest edition in either of the certification pot, so again you can go ahead and take up the AWS database examination from now on and.

AWS In 2021
AWS In 2021

This is the newest addition. I wanted and told you in desertification pop again. You can check out the certification page.

So if the target date sysops admin and developer are the most commonly taken certifications and are still the best certifications in aid of this according to me unless and until you’ve completed these 2 are the best certifications AWS .

How many AWS services are there 2021 ?

Or suppose your income interested in a particular need all executed your machine learning. In that case, you can go ahead with the specialty certification, so I think we covered all of the newest editions.

So one last thing I wanted to show is that you can get the latest information about 8 of US. So the right location on this webpage is either best arms slash.

new I want to hit this. You get this what’s new with its address in AWS .

You can see all the 2021 announcements over here what’s new in 2021 to conceive this transit gateway in the region pairing is not available in the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe to AWS.

East newest regions and coming down, you can see some update in our duty cycles that Amazon connects reduces 10 Latin America California grapes.

How many AWS services are there 2021 ?
How many AWS services are there 2021 ?

What is the future of AWS ?

I was emotionally just now support di one create and dog-based access control yeah so these are the newest arrivals to the conceit of this EBS. Amazon EBS now supports CP workloads.

So there is all the newest information is arranged in the latest data format of AWS . For example, you can see December 7 across a city resemble full December for AWS .

so It’s set in the newest first format, so this is where you can get the latest information. It’s going to get information about a specific tool or a particular AWS service, then get down to this page, for example.

Will Amazon Web Services(AWS) Hold The Markets In 2021

I want to know what’s happening in AWS easy to go second to compute select the C2, and it only shows the newest editions or easy to send the latest addition 42 Wallace. I think this is an American holiday for my purchase. The 12/1/20 December 1 denounced M.

Fives that in instances but type frequency processors and 0 gigabytes per second networking, so this is the newest addition and for iqiyi’s. You see to the old included AWS and how to be flight instance type DTE NDP 3 E. N. and sent type on one of the most critical things or one of the most welcomed new addition was D. mac instances.

Arms on east two or introducing mac OS on 8 of US so you can run an apple computer on either this and start using it. If your apple developer, you can get all the benefits of using AWS.

Also developed apple applications for my words are you were are you watch apple watch and apple TV, and you can set it on either.


Yes itself, so that is the newest update, and I think it will be available and not to which email Ohio or even Ireland Singapore so these are the five reasons which Mike instances are available right.

now and if you want to go check out to mac instances go to these regions and create one and check it out for yourself okay I think I’ve pretty much covered it about AWS ( amazon web services).

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