The legendary game, PUBG Mobile was banned in India last year.


But Krafton, the South Korean game developer had announced Battlegrounds Mobile India on May 6 which will be available for gamers in India soon.

PUBG Mobile was one of the 119 apps which came under the radar of the Indian government due inappropriate management of user data, leading to be removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in the Indian territory. As a response, the game studio, Tencent mentioned that it will create a new version of the game by the name of ‘PUBG Mobile India’ which will keep in mind the privacy concerns and further localise the game to better suit the country and its values.

While that did not really seem to happen, Krafton developers introduced a brand-new entity and named it as Battlegrounds Mobile to India. The game will launch in few coming days, and is available for pre-registration and downloads on Android and iOS. The excitement remains as to what will the game bring for its users and how similar or different will it be from PUBG Mobile.


Krafton announced the game in India on May 6, after giving hints and weeks of teasers and leaks. Though Krafton is yet to reveal the Battlegrounds Mobile India official release date a few previous reports indicate that the game should be launched by end of May or June this year. On May 18, Krafton has started allowing pre-registrations for android users in the play store. Click here for the link of registration and be amongst the first users.



Before the actual release on the play store, the game will be available for a smaller audience as a beta testing version for a short period of time. The smaller audience will include the users who have registered on the play store. Only users in the India region will be allowed to sign up for the pre-registration which can be done using the link above. The official download of the Battlegrounds Mobile APK version has not been made available yet, so we request you all to beware of any links of packages which claim to be the APK version of the game, they are suspected to be fake. Make sure you download the game from the official sources only.

Krafton confirmed that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be fully compliant to the Indian laws and regulations, and will assure data protection and security for all its players. The Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official website clearly mentions what personal information it will collect from the players and how will they store it.

As a part of its goals towards well-being of the society, users under the age of 18 will not be permitted to play the game for more than three hours per day. Furthermore, the in-app purchases will have a maximum daily limit of INR 7,000. Underaged players will be asked to provide the contact details of their parents or guardians for verification purposes.

PUBG Mobile India also claimed to be more appropriate for young age gamers, where in all the players will spawn with clothes on rather with just their undergarments. Violence levels would also be reduced by decreasing blood affects in the game. Pretty much the same is to be expected from these Battlegrounds Mobile as well.

Krafton will partner with the local companies to create an eSports ecosystem in the country using a series of in-game events. We are likely to experience localization in the of clothing and attires too.

UPDATE: SANHOK will be the first map in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The rest maps are yet to be confirmed.

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