Best 5 Characters in Free Fire Max


Garena free fire Max is the improved version of Garena free fire. Players are so happy with the release of free fire Max. In both of the games the characters play a vital role because of their unique abilities that they possess to increase the win chances in the game.

Currently, in Free Fire Max, they have added 45 characters for players to use. Only a player can understand how important these characters are. These characters can be unlocked using in-game currency named as diamonds.  



So today, in this article we will talk about the best 6 characters in Free Fire Max to increase your in-game winning rate.

List of Best 6 Characters in Free Fire Max 



In Garena, Free Fire Max, there are a total of 45 characters available. Each character has a unique ability to increase the winning rate during a match. If you are also looking to learn about the characters in Free Fire Max, here in this section, we are going to take a look at the best six characters in Free Fire Max. Here is the list of the best characters available in the Max version of Free Fire. Let’s begin: 

  1. Alok

Alok is known for its “drop the beat” ability, which makes it still one of the best characters in Free Fire Max. Using its drop the beat ability, the player can provide a constant flow of healing to the teammates on the battlefield. 

Furthermore, Alok can generate an aura of 5m, which helps to increase the speed of the movement of a player by 15% and restore 5HP per second. The influence of both of these effects can last for 10 seconds and can be reactivated after a 45-second cooldown period. 

  1. K

K has the ability to be a “master of all”. Max’s ability to master free fire ranks second on our list of the best five characters. all is an outstanding ability in the game. This ability of the character has 2 separate modes, which are:

  • Jiu-jitsu- This ability is used to improve the EP conversion rate by 500%. While using this mode, the developers have made an update that while using this mode, the switch has a cooldown for 3 seconds. Moreover, the maximum EP gets increased by 50. That means the player will be able to gain a total of 250 EP in a match. 
  • Psychology- This mode of its ability enables the player to recover two EP in each two-second period. In addition, a player can increase its EP up to a maximum of 150. 
  1. Chrono

In Free Fire Max, the character Chrono has the ability to turn back time, and his ability in the game is named “Time Turner.” However, in the recent OB30 patch, the ability of Chrono has been nerfed. But, it’s still quite potential and is sometimes used by esports players at higher levels. 

Chrono uses its ability to force fields that prevent 600 damage from opponents or enemies and provides instant coverage to the player and their teammates. In addition, it also increases the movement speed of players by 10%. The impact of this ability lasts for 10 seconds and has 220 seconds to cool down. 

  1. Dimitri 

In the previous update of Free Fire 

Max and Dimitri were added to the game. This character is modelled on the famous DJ Dimitri Vegas. Dimitri has a unique ability to heal heartbeats, which can be used to self-heal. This ability generates a healing zone of about 3.5m in diameter. Moreover, the teammates also benefit by regaining 3 HP per second. If the player or its teammates gets knocked down by an opponent, then they can self-recover and get back up. The influence of Dimitri’s ability lasts about 15 seconds and has a 60 second cooldown time period. 

  1. Wukong

Wukong can camouflage himself and is regarded as the best character for the Clash Squad mode. The ability of the character creates a significant impact in the battle royale matches. The teammates of the player can benefit while playing duels. 

The player while playing the match turns into a bush with a 20% reduction in the speed of their movement. The influence of its ability usually lasts for 15 seconds. The player can reactivate its ability only after the 300 second cooldown period and gets reset after eliminating the opponent from the match. 

  1. Skyler

Skyler has a unique ability called “Riptide Rhythm.” This ability can be used to produce a sonic sound wave to destroy five gloo walls present within a radius of 5m. 

The destruction of gloo walls will result in an increase in HP recovery. This begins with 4 points. This ability of Skyler’s has a cooldown of 60 seconds. 


(Best characters in Free Fire Max)

Characters are really important in a battle royal match. The characters are responsible for increasing the winning rate of a player and a team. With the help of a powerful character using its ability, a player can easily win the match. Hence, it can improve its further ranking in the Free Fire Max game. Keep in mind that while using the character’s ability, make sure to activate the ability at the right time. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the cooldown period doesn’t get over to reuse the ability. Today in this article we have covered the unique abilities of each character that can be used to increase your winning rate during the match. I hope that this will help you in choosing the perfect character for yourself. If you want to know how to get free characters in Free Fire Max, make sure to click here. This will help you get the Free Fire Max characters for free. 

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