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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 is live now after being much awaited by the players. The update is named as “Spurned & Burned,” which brings an updated Battle Pass, all new map, upgraded Multiplayer Modes, and much more. The new season is now available on both Android and iOS with an updated style of the 1v1 Duel mode, weapon balancing, all-new ranked season, events, and much more in the store. Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-all multiplayer mobile game which includes several multiplayer game play modes and also a battle royale mode. Call of Duty Mobile has always been one of the tough competitors to PUBG Mobile (or the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India) which was banned last year in the battle royale genre.

The new “Spurned & Burned” is the fourth season in Call of Duty: Mobile and it features a Wild West theme. In the new season, the players will experience new featured game modes like Capture the Gold and 1v1 Duel mode. The 1v1 Duel mode has been added to the game a while later with the Coastal and Tunisia maps while the Capture the Gold mode is available to play now. The new season will also feature an all-new map named as Dome from the last season, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. That’s not all COD has to offer. A new and exciting seasonal challenge which will allow all the players to get the Heartbeat Sensor and a new LMG weapon called the Holger 26. A few of this will be added later in the season.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 also features Clan Wars where five clans fight it and out in six-day tournaments to earn maximum Clan Points. This is a perfect mode to play with your friends in groups. The Ranked Season 2: World Championship 2021 will be here as well to increase the excitement and this championship will last till the month of July. The players who play extraordinarily well in the championship, will get a chance to win new weapons and items like Seraph, KN-44, and the Ranked Series 2 picture frame. The new season also features an all-new event named as the ‘High Noon Chase’. The players can acquire gasoline by playing multiplayer modes and the battle royale will allow the players to chase the fleeing villains.

The new Battle Pass in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 features an added Hawk X3 Scorestreak which lets you control a drone to eliminate enemies from the air. It will be unlocked in Tier 14 while Tier 21 will reward you with a rapid-firing MK2 Marksman rifle. There are many more free and premium tier items as well.

The season 4 update also features a new weapon balance pass and also changes in the weapons range across all types. The SMGs have been strengthened more for close quarter kills, the attachments have been optimised for better performance, and many more. The gunsmith has been upgraded to 2.0 level and more updates on them will be released later. Vehicles in the battle royale mode are now optimised for better and fast driving experience and also you will be now able to select new tank operations in the vehicle settings.

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