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  • Updated: 04:02:2021
  • Version: 1.59.6
  • Requirements: Android 4.0.3
  • Genre: Action
  • Download: 500M+
  • Original URL:



Garena Free Fire game is an endurance shooter game created by Garena with more than 500 million downloads. In the decisive flight, you should be the last survivor. All players meet in one area, presently you need to locate your own specific manner to live. You don’t have partners in Free Fire, everything should choose for yourself. From the snapshot of skydiving, you have partaken in the savage fight. Free Fire resembles the single-player method of a shooter, it’s just for daring shooters. Be that as it may, you additionally should be shrewd enough in each activity from moving. The foe could be in any position you didn’t anticipate.

29+ characters

There aren’t such a large number of characters to the point of swiping the screen, however with the current number of characters, you can pick. Adam and Eve are the default characters, which you can change free of charge. Likewise, Free Fire additionally makes them exceptional names, for example, Kapella, Steffie, Jota, Norota … Click on each character to see nitty gritty features, at that point you will handily pick voluntarily. This makes it hard for the rival to get you on the off chance that they are not a dependable enthusiast of this game.


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What’s In Fashion:

  2. Auto Headshot 100%.
  3. Aim when Fire.
  4. Aim when Aim.
  5. Aim when Crouch.
  6. Headshot Rate.
  7. Aim FOV.
  8. Senstivity.

< ESP Mod >

  1. ESP Line.
  2. ESP Distance.
  3. Fake user name.

< Misc Mod >

  1. Delete Reports.
  2. Reset Guest ID.

< Player Mod >

  1. White bodies.
  2. Remove Scope.
  3. Medkit Running.
  4. Speed running.
  5. Rapid Punch 2X.
  6. AIM + Movement.

< Map Mod >

  1. Teleport Kill.
  2. Ghost Hack V3.
  3. Night Sky Mode.
  4. Far Camera.
  5. HD graphics mode.
  6. WallEsp V3 Fix.


Some people will come this video is. So this is going to do something their friends which I haven’t done in a very long while and that is falling in love again in this because we’re gonna be playing free fire and if you don’t know what it is it’s a battle royale game almost miles which somehow is a lot bigger than pub you moment I’m gonna be testing it out I have played like a year ago but.

I did I don’t remember anything so this again is going to be playing it and see how it is and if you guys want me to try any other games comment that down below and I’ll make sure to do it but in this we guess we’re playing free fire so first thing we have to do is name or character. All the pen is probably going to take a look this is trying okay well 10 days let’s just go with that. Like I said I played is like a year ago so. Okay but you can have pets. What is this. A small water balloons I think okay. You can. Purchase. But. Okay I don’t have any casting this came looking for the better that’s amazing. That’s actually pretty cool oh my god. This is David the. I haven’t Sainz my my set up can we do that very quickly.

Shoals custom hard on the side you need to detail this is too many things okay well I hope it saved I don’t think this. I don’t remember this I don’t remember this is all. What. The map looks so tiny. Wait you’re going down freaking. Snowboard how does that make sense. Okay my settings than in science but. Doesn’t matter can make going here how do I. Where’s my junk. Arkema. Okay. Okay okay okay. Let me just. Fix my settings real quick. August is a guy. Thank you. Other reload. All the remote quick Miller. Okay let me just try to fix this. I hear someone walking. What. I’m gonna. Who showed me how to climb this connection this. I guess I can’t. Oh ****. I hate not having done so.

Why don’t I have is our scope of the fixers. Can I spray with this. Op. Hi can I guess is that. Where where are you. I don’t even know if that was the personal shopping can I ride this. And how they look or I can look around okay. This. It’s so fat. Pope. Stop it. Right now you die. Can’t see anymore. Haha. I mean is there only boats in the beginning I wouldn’t be surprised. Like the other in this game is ridiculous the kind of okay all **** this guy there. This is. His wanted to die. I hate this wrong thing. Okay we gotta move gotta go. Go go go go go. I’m not sure where we’re going but the least we’re going. Should we look at the animals maybe I have someone. Well that’s a real person I have doubt bots can drive these. Go go go go go I like when people should you can actually see where they are on the map. I’m not sure if I like the.

Well my son disappeared replacement of some logos pictures. Breaking. Is that bots I’m not sure. The only question I have. This is walking around. We’re outside of the song that’s not good got to drive. To their big music. Let me take your. Welcome home room. Hello hi okay. Hi this is Alok us. Is that is probably behind that’s wrong. Is it a snake. Sure you sell snake. I’m going to move. I don’t have the votes if I had I would do it how do you throw names first my name’s. I see. You better push now. How are you he died. I’m not of any one of those was real. It was kind of fun it’s kind of fun. The firm I have to say so the control is a bit Jeez. Level 2 new character along. One of my getting if I’m not getting the pan out I’m not playing again. Congratulations thank you what is this. I get clothing. Well. I just kind of want to look around and have a look here rural Pennsylvania but under most of they have. France game classic. That’s explored Russia or what is that.

Some information. Training. Your friend or you do not meet the requirements what. This sucks you know you start you start the game you want to train. You can’t. The minimum levels right why do you have to have a sports bike why do you need to have been leveled to play training doesn’t make sense if there’s any point in time of playing a game when you should train it is in the start when you don’t know what the cracker doing like me I know what it what it is that I won though probably get spots still my one we need to celebrate that. Please don’t hurt us. 5. That’s enough celebration where is my money going to training but I guess I can’t is against but is this really bad I want my panda. What.

Yeah. What. He has given nombre no. Where would you everyone is saying so that. Skilled resources for each be upon kill what they has. Increased 50 that’s pretty cool. It was it was a video hope you like it if you want me to play more free form combat that down below if you want me to play another game coming to domino’s what was it is always thank you for watching.

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