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  • Updated: 20:01:2021 , 13:49
  • Version: 1.7.9
  • Requirements: Android 4.4
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Downloads: 10M+
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Granny is a cool horror game capable of chilling through the skin. The main character was locked in a large, dilapidated house where the creature who received the nickname Granny made up a lair. The character has no choice but to hide and behave very quietly, otherwise the “mistress” will immediately find the intruder and send him to the next world. It is also necessary to slowly explore the building in order to find a way to get out of the trap and out of this nightmare.

Granny sneaks up unobtrusively behind you when she’s going to murder you. There is no solid made when she moves toward you so it’s consistently an amazement and now and then confounding when she gets you.

You can play this game either without help from anyone else or with at most 3 others. Called into a burial service parlor to look at the paranormal action you should endure the late evening dashing around the halls and rooms fleeing from the young lady who changes to and fro among great and wickedness. As the game goes on she just gets more brilliant and quicker so it’s ideal to attempt to beat the game fast. The target to dominate the match is to locate each of the 9 of the “stamped” dolls around the house and crush them. While looking for the dolls she is pursuing you and when she turns malicious you should figure out how to quiet her.

Granny is a first-individual POV game where you are to tackle a progression of riddles and use secrecy to get away from the house Granny has secured you with very little more known other than that.

She hears each commotion you make so you should be mindful so as not to drop anything or even advance on a noisy wood plank. When she hears you she’ll hurry to where you are, sneak up behind you, and murder you with a play club.

There are things around the house that you can retaliate with however are just permitted to convey each given thing in turn be it a weapon, key, or even bit of paper.


What’s New In Update:

*Christmas is over

Okay it’s happening. Are you a better happens we better we better compete this spring. I’ve tried so many times I’ve tried to sold many more times than just what you’ve seen on camera because all you really really want to get out of video of me beating the game I want to see the ending I know you guys want to see the ending so just get to the ending man. Okay I need to come down. I’m already riled up I don’t care how we beat it I don’t care if it’s the boat ending or the front door and doing I actually want to get both endings so as soon as I get one you know I’m gonna make another video trying to get the other one calm and collected we try to remember the best way to do everything so first off I’m gonna check over here if there’s any sponsors a crowbar that’s good so if we can take out granny tell me there’s a stun gun right here that would be so good yes okay coming granny all I’m so ready for this come on come on granny I should back up a little bit I don’t want to get stuck in the doorway happens literally all the time my granny I know you’re coming just like move a little bit faster how far away were you why is she taking so long stay patient I’m not wasting any of my life’s great where are you man. Choose your. It’s definitely like a movement going on thank god get down here.
Hello I’ve been standing here for so long what is happening with the stock what is going on. Why aren’t they coming downstairs. What where are these doors opening and closing Q. will I mean I might as well start searching around. Right I would love the ammo there’s granny. Okay. All right let’s get that key away from there we go sure why not let’s go deal with that right away because we don’t need the security key for anything else but this right here. Okay cool and then we can search up here while we have a chance to get to bring the crowbar appear too soon. Isn’t there. I think that I already hear them respond. How long was grandpa out for kills go back downstairs. Actually less corny here I think they’re back now come on boxes cooperates. Okay whenever the gases you know the stun gun on the main floor so that’s pretty easy to deal with. Something on the bed actually now okay cool all right making okay progress and see if any of them right here let’s quickly look in here.
K. weapon key should we do this. Let’s go ahead and hoods. I can follow right now. Hopefully that brings. Raining down there which should allow me to grab that weapon key. May be quick about it. So weapon key needs to go downstairs as well. So let’s put that down there. As the weapon key. Long as grandpa’s not right here okay good. It’s time fear all right were made okay progress Russia doing all right we do need to bring the crowbar upstairs came steering wheel that’s could you bring the crowbar up here to open that other crates all right so we got the gas in the boat steering wheel so that’s a decent start trying to startling a safe way to go down now. And granny is probably gonna be coming hello there’s a trap okay. Nothing in there might as well just try searching through as many things as possible there’s a door lock that’s good was granting them. She would have been coming to. Maybe I can actually. Oh boy okay songs I don’t knock the hangers over should be okay there’s a spark plug so if we get the padlock then we have what we need for the boat to escape we got the gasoline in the bathroom. Please.
Welcome here transsexuals out again. He didn’t say anything. I’m still okay. Yep. I’m still okay okay so we need to put the boat we’ll and the gasoline and the spark plug downstairs when you bring the crowbar back up stairs I just I don’t know which direction granny would want she opened the door so I could mean a lot of things okay well thank you so that’s ready to go we don’t really have a choice we kind of just have to. Okay. All right dropping you all right okay all right now is a good that’s right we do know that the stun gun is right there before we even get the stun gun we could put the spark plug and the boat steering wheel down. That might be the way to do it and we can bring the crowbar up okay okay let’s do that then oh boy okay okay okay okay so crowbar Ronnie was a crowbar wears a crowbar there it is and let’s just quickly double check if there’s anything right here I don’t think there usually is so we’re good. 00 come on man. Can I get that okay cool do you S. grandpa shoots a good. I take that back hope you’re comes granny okay YouTube grandma phone. Yes okay okay we have some time so. First things first steering wheel I’m just gonna be extra. Down the stairs okay and then the spark plug over here and get you downstairs. Hey. And then you.
Yeah that’s a pretty good spot for the stun gun so now we can take the crowbar and we need to look up here to. Okay okay so there’s a cutting pliers we might as well do what that right now we got a quick. Finding players that when you go up stairs with these so it’s fine that the crowbars up stairs we know that it’s in the kitchen these cutting pliers and need to be over here once we get the weapon and we know that the weapon key. Okay let’s go back downstairs and we can throw the gasoline downstairs kick. This might work out actually so gasoline. Well. Okay. He’s he does it. Please he doesn’t. S. S. S. S. S. I’m just gonna hide down here and collect myself okay it’s really on day to day to this is fine we’re kind of getting things together here I’m so determined to win this game we have the spark plug the boat steering wheel and the gasoline downstairs so while we’re down here we might as well take care of all that the crowbars up stairs and the stun gun is right there on the main floor whenever we come up so we’re pretty safe right now if we can get the padlock key than we can escape with the boat we have the cutting pliers in place we have the weapon key pretty much in place just in the bathroom so we just got to see what the crowbar unlocks in that crate to summer school down.
 I don’t know they did who was that was that granny that went down is this an opportunity that I sense. That. Also. Running running running still with this actually might as well right now. Okay so here comes granny he would have heard that so let’s be ready. Go to drop this right here nice little easy spot to get it. And quickly search through the kitchen okay man guys think we might have this. I’m pretty confident we saw in the pokey there it is okay Scott about that. Key. You go downstairs Casey your down there. Crowbar we searched everything else up here I’m just being absolutely extra certain. Crowbar right here. We got we don’t need the crowbar upstairs so doing. Well I think they’re gonna come over here now okay well we at the very least have the hand wheel which is okay it doesn’t quite help with the boats I want to lower granny over heat. Okay. One alert granny here now if I can’t then I know that they’re both right there and then I can go and deal with the weapon key to try that again my granny. Can your granny come on a green you can do it. There we go. So I’m going to pick you up I’m gonna do this. 1.
point point point point point. I still have the hand will on me there and I was weird. That’s all good I got the shot gun. Hi. Okay are they gonna be coming here now. For he granny. All right where’s grandpa not still upstairs are you please don’t still be upstairs. Okay let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go 30 have what we need up here because I’m feeling pretty all right about this feeling pretty okay. Chute said that’s open so now we can do this and what we get from this tell me it’s the padlock key or a safe secure something padlock key hole okay so if we make our way back downstairs now successfully and we’re golden. Running right behind grandpa. Okay trump thing you. Taking you. All right one thing at a time. Okay but we’ll just not too sure of granny heard that Mike is shipping she gonna be coming over there one spark plug please. Highs. No grandpa summits okay I’m down here now it should be okay where does this go. First spark plug go here nice okay when hide here just in case. Guys guys we might have this we might actually have this filled up with gas. The boat key simple as that close that. I’m just trying to figure out now how do I grab.
How do I use the padlock key here without making noise like I need to have the I need to have the. Boat key down here ready to go somehow not too sure how I’m going to do that unless I just take a death but I really don’t want to risk that either. I definitely threw the boat key down here somewhere if I’m fast enough I can. Maybe do this quickly. Without getting killed I just run into my room. She’s right there did you catch me whole I don’t know if you saw me did you see that. Full. We’re being so careful with our lives this time I don’t want to die even once okay where was the blue key word I put that it’s going to be there somewhere I know I threw down the stairs denying the green co knoll grandpa whiney whiney though okay. Can quickly look around where’s the pokey what is the pope kika I just throw it down here somewhere I’m pretty sure I picked it up and like threw it back down here is that it. That’s the boat key. Okay that made noise but it’s okay because Grampus downstairs anyways so now we have the Boki we just got to go to the boats and right away or whatever you’d call it. Motorway float away if you drive a boat right sail boats no because it’s not a sailboat you just direct it doesn’t matter we don’t leave the house on the boats granny’s grocers right now I’m pretty sure grandpa should be gone by now may be. So.

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