How to Get Free Characters in Free Fire Max


How to Get Free Characters in Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max is a new and updated version of the famous Free Fire online video game. Free Fire Max is almost similar to Free Fire, except a few things. which makes it the new and updated version of Free Fire. If you are a Free Fire player, then you also must be familiar with the characters. 

Some of the characters available in Free Fire Max can only be unlocked using diamonds, whereas some can be unlocked using gold coins.



Most players don’t like to spend their hard-earned money on games, but still want the characters available in Free Fire Max. This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to get free characters in Free Fire Max without spending real money.



In this article we will take a look at all the possible methods to get free characters in Garena Free Fire Max. In Free Fire Max, 44 characters are available, each with their own unique abilities that help you get a better experience while gaming. Without wasting much time, let’s begin the tutorial on getting free characters in Garena Free Fire Max. 

Top 6 Methods to get free characters in Free Fire Max

If you are looking for the most effective free methods to unlock free Fire Max characters without spending your hard earned money on purchasing diamonds, here is the list: 

  1. Link System

This is the new update of Free Fire Max. Free Fire Max developers have understood that they should take a step forward to make the characters for free while looking at the growing importance of characters in Free Fire Max. Using this link system, the free Fire Max players can get characters for free by grinding to complete the link process. However, this link system isn’t as easy as it sounds. To obtain characters for free, a player has to grind to read the link progress to unlock any particular character in Free Fire Max. 

You can access this feature in the character section. For free. You have to click on the icon placed on the right corner and select the character that you want to obtain. After that, you will be required to confirm your selection and subsequently play the better royal title to collect 13500 link points. 

Once you fulfil the progress requirement, you will be able to get the character. Note that the developers of Free Fire Max have put some limitations on your progress, in which you can only get a maximum of 2000 links per day. Hence, you will be able to get a free character in Free Fire Max in about a week. 

  1. Event Missions

In Free Fire Max, they conduct timed events for their players. In these events, Free Fire Max enables its players to get free characters, gun skins, outfits, vehicle skins, and many more items just by completing a few missions given in an event. whereas some events require you to top-up. 

  1. Redeem Code for Free Fire Max

Getting characters for free in Free Fire Max using the Redeem Code is one of the best methods. Some sites present on Google provide redeem codes. Moreover, Garena also releases redeem codes for its financially weak players in order to get the characters using a redeem code. If you are also unable to afford the cost of characters, then you can take advantage of this redeem code method to obtain free characters. 

  1. Participate in Tournaments

By participating in tournaments, you can get a lot of things, like real cash, in-game accessories, or gadgets. There are a lot of tournaments taking place at both the lower level and the higher level. You can look for a genuine tournament in which you can participate and use the prize money to get characters in Free Fire Max. 

  1. Gold coins are required to unlock

In Free Fire Max, some of the characters available can be unlocked with gold coins. You can get these gold coins by completing missions given in the game or by playing the game. To purchase these gold coins, you do not need to spend your real money. 

  1. Take Part in Giveaways

There are numerous websites and YouTubers that run giveaways from time to time for their visitors or viewers. You can participate in their giveaways where they provide either diamonds or other in-game assets. You also might have heard of famous game streamers available on YouTube and Instagram, such as Carryminati, Dynamo, and many more. Big and popular gamers like them conduct give aways for their viewers in which they give away really big prizes to their subscribers. By this way, you will be able to get free characters in Free Fire Max. 

  1. Google opinion rewards

Google has many free applications for their users, among which is Google Opinion Rewards. On this site, Google asks you to complete surveys in exchange for which they provide you with free credits. These credits can be used to purchase diamonds, and using diamonds, you can get free characters in Free Fire Max. 


The process of getting a character for free in Free Fire Max requires a lot of time and patience. There are so many websites available which show something like that they generate free diamonds or free characters. Keep in mind that these all-generation tools are just a scam. These sites are just taking advantage of you and using you for their benefit. So make sure that you don’t get into such scams as they can cause a lot of time wastage for you.

All the methods that we have mentioned in this article to get free characters in Free Fire Max are 100% genuine and require some time and patience. If you are impatient, you can use real money to buy diamonds and unlock a character in free fire. I hope that this article will be helpful to you. If you require more additional information regarding free Fire Max updates, then keep on visiting our site as it is populated with a lot of articles based on free Fire Max. 

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