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HTML vs Javascript | Difference Between HTML and Javascript | Explained


Here we come to the station Bindal apart in the second row to do a competitive analysis between HTML and JavaScript sign up. its name is a markup language and javascript is a programming language that is the most significant difference between them all for HTML vs Javascript.

So in this section will be looking into all the differences I’m different here in the stock. I’m the only 1 in the session.

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Difference Between HTML and Javascript
Difference Between HTML and Javascript

Difference Between HTML and Javascript

Now let us begin with a stimulus in JavaScript. Hence, we already saw the agenda first will go through what is a steamer what is JavaScript then we’ll understand the differences between the estimate.

I’m jealous writing invited we use a steam and Javascript and finally received the job scope, and sanity now let us move on to the first part that is what is S. T. E. M.

So the estimate is a hypertext markup language, and for HTML vs Javascript it allows the users to create and structure sections, paragraphs, headings, links unlock codes for web pages and applications.

It helps the developer create web pages and then apply good steaks and image formatting after making an appropriate web page structure.

Difference Between HTML and Javascript
Difference Between HTML and Javascript

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it also helps us decide how to display the content, so this is the use of the esteem, so does not a programming language that means it can’t create dynamic functionality instead.

HTML vs Javascript

For example, we can create a paragraph by placing the enclosed text within us, starting with B.

I’m closing beat that it’s that simple, so overall it’s GML is a markup language that is straightforward and easy to learn even for complete beginners invest side building.

now as you already know estimate stands for hypertext markup language head hypertext means a text that contains references of JavaScript that are linked to other takes that viewers can access immediately.

Now, do you take a quick rise in the popularity estimate that is now considered an official web standard?

The estimates specifications are maintained and developed by a world wide web consortium. Now further, we’ll move on to the next plan born, which is JavaScript in HTML vs Javascript .

Is JavaScript better than HTML ?
Is JavaScript better than HTML ?

Is JavaScript better than HTML ?

So Javascript is a scripting language or programming language that allows you to implement complex features on webpages.

so every time a vet Beijing does more than just sitting over there and this being static information for you to look at this being timely content updates interactive maps animated 2 D. and 3 D.

Graphics scrolling article and many more so you can bet that Javascript is probably in part so does the thirdly at all of the standard web technologies including HTML and CSS.

Our first and second position now is a scripting language that enables.

Creating dynamically updating content control multimedia animate images on pretty much everything is everything you need to do an article clip site.

Is JavaScript better than HTML ?

Should you learn JavaScript or HTML first ?

Hence, it adds interactivity to the estimate Bages. it helps to develop front end as well as backing off the website then bells functionality for web pages and then helps to decide. how to display the current model with Javascript was created to make web pages I live on the programs in this language our courts grips.

They can be right in a web page’s esteem and run automatically as the page loads to the scripts are provided and executed as plain text, and they don’t need special preparation or completion to run in HTML vs Javascript.

so in this aspect, Javascript is a very different language from other languages such as Java, so you might have a question why is it called Java if it does not have similar all it is different from Java programming language so in Javascript was created initially had another name that has life script but.

Should you learn JavaScript or HTML first ?
Should you learn JavaScript or HTML first ?

Is HTML necessary for JavaScript ?

Java was very popular at that time, so it was decided that the positioning of 4 new names would not work. Instead, we should give it a name as JavaScript but as if our JavaScript became a fully independent language with its specification called ECMAScript.

Now it has no relation to Java. I thought so too did JavaScript and executed in the browser and the server what actually on any device that has a unique program called the JavaScript engine.

maybe the browser hasn’t admitted engine sometimes called a JavaScript what your machine van weakened on Javascript codes, so this is about what is JavaScript well you guys quick info.

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and those details are available in the description box below for JavaScript. You can go check it out, so now let’s continue this session.

Is HTML easier than JavaScript ?

Now let us move on to the next agenda point: the objective of this video HTML voces Javascript on the actual differences between estimates and Javascript. The first difference between HTML and Javascript is a definition, so the forecast is a markup language.

we already saw so HTML stands for hypertext markup language usage, so we need to write it.

Then we can run it on any platform, but just one thing to note Javascript code or script needs a Javascript engine to execute its codes, now moving on to the following reason again internet navigation and then doubling.

So JavaScript provides VVS tools and begets odd functionalities in a website using Javascript. That is the tooling feature of Javascript, and these are the reasons we use Javascript for developing sites now. Joe up the scope on salary.

So what is the job school after learning HTML and Javascript? Hence, as you already know, developer jobs are popular, so for this.

I would like to say that in every part of the invisible world part we talk about in JavaScript, there are IT industries. Hence, a developer needs a developer for every van so that you can get no worries.

How do you use Javascript and HTML together ?

The job offer of a web developer in every part of the book is now coming to an end. This is all about estimated versus JavaScript.

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Those details are available in the description box below. You can go check it out for you guys. We’ve come to the end of the session. I hope you understood the differences between instrument and Javascript, and R. right now able to differentiate between HTML vs Javascript, so now this brings us to an end. Thank you and me for another session.

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