Internet of Things Applications | IoT Explained for Beginners |

Internet of Things Applications | IoT Explained for Beginners |


Hello all, this is a boss not from Utica, and I welcome this model on IT applications. By now, I’m sure most of you have already heard the term Internet of Things Applications and how it redefines our interaction with technology every day.

So before we begin, let’s quickly look into our plan for today. Firstly we shall discuss the need for IIoT briefly then I’ll be breaking down the term internet of things for you guys. Moving on, we have our focus of the video that is the applications of IOT .

And how it’s making the world brighter finally I should be concluding the future and scope of IoT I hope the plan was killed on a few also I would like to encourage you all to interrupt me anywhere in between the session.

Internet of Things Applications
Internet of Things Applications

Internet of Things Applications

If you have any questions at all, so without much ado, let’s get straight to the mall. So let’s start with the simple question what the need for royalty is Internet of Things Applications ? .

We still have devices to do things for us before the IOT. existed right, so what is the difference with or without? I will tell you the difference is that you had to run from machine to machine telling them.

What to do for you, but with the internet of things, the devices can interact, collaborate and learn from each other’s expediency. Just like we humans do, this ultimately reduces human intervention in machine cycle machines.

You are in continuous touch with each other and could be pre instructed on what to do and when to do it, not just that these machines can even adapt to your needs and modify how they function. I shall be discussing the spot in detail later in the session.

Internet of Things (IoT) Applications
Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

IoT Explained for Beginners

Let’s find out what I’ll mean now. The internet of things has two keywords internet and paintings. As we all know, it is a network of networks.

It is a medium through which our devices connect to Internet of Things Applications  .I’m the team could be any object with intelligence to connect to the internet of course by any item.

I’m talking about an object embedded with software or electronics. These things could drip for two way more than your traditional PC’s laptops and smartphones.

It could be accessible in your coffee machines, cars, and even entire cities, so IOT . is a platform bed for everyday devices connected to the internet.

So they can interact and exchange data with each other okay.

IoT Explained for Beginners
IoT Explained for Beginners

What is IoT A simple explanation of the Internet of things ?

already have a question here, so sorry you ask the internet. I spoke about how it is different from the web that we use for our laptop computers and forts of Internet of Things Applications . The internet and the web are often mistaken for the same thing, but they aren’t the World Wide Web or simply.

The web is only a week to access and share information on the internet, whereas the internet is a vast network that connects various devices globally.

Any device can communicate with another device as long as it is connected to the internet, so the web is only a week to access documents already existing in the internet space in Internet of Things Applications . I hope the spot is clear to you all, so finally, we have arrived at our main plan that makes the applications of I. D.

while the internet of things equips many domains and millions of devices with connectivity every day, there are still a few domains.

What is IoT A simple explanation of the Internet of things ?

What is Internet of Things applications ?

Which I find more interesting than the others and the arch I would be in everyday lives. I will be in health care in intelligent cities, agricultural, industrial automation, and finally in disaster management.

First, we have the internet of things in our daily lives. This is probably a hallmark in the IIoT industry as it’s also one of the first industries to deploy IoT added service.

So let me give you an example of how I would be consumers in our daily lives a home appliance such as you E. C. currently, what you do is that you go home you turn on your AC, and wait for it to reach a temperature that you like see about 25°C okay.

So I know a question okay, it’s not a question on Internet of Things Applications . Please show me a says the 25 degrees his widow warm salt Rachel bomb.

You go home, don’t on your AC and wait for it to reach 23°C coming back to our session here, so does anybody see a problem here.

What is Internet of Things applications ?

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Internet of Things (IoT) 

What is the various application of IoT explain with example ?

That’s probably because there isn’t a problem here. This is a perfectly functional setting, but what if it could be better when your car was 5 minutes a week your E. C.

Received a message what if it was connected to a cloud that had a dashboard containing all the relevant information like your car’s location.

The outside temperature and the temperature you like to rule your easy could then turn on before you arrived and create an ambiance that you want would be something well.

you can remove all the waters from the previous scenario as this no longer must be a figment of your imagination thanks to the internet of things; Internet of Things Applications can connect your Fitbit’s to your vehicles from your smartphones.

To your in-flight services from home appliances like you, he sees the whole cities maybe this is what Kevin Ashton meant when he spoke of this concept read every sensible area man.


How do I use Internet of things ?


machine could be connected. So I hope you all are with me tell him. So next, we have our duty in health care. I’m sure most of you have heard about the smock medicine dispensers by now, as the name suggests it’s.

Its processes less effective in kings hill can provide. The number of solutions precision farming smart irrigation and intelligent greenhouse on a few, to name the first 2 cases, are similar. In both cases, sensors are detecting various parameters at each level of the soil V.

Have moisture content to temperature and weather conditions, one can tell the correct depth to sold the crops all the right time to water them, but one of the more intriguing solutions is the intelligent greenhouse.

If you might be wondering what is a greenhouse house the greenhouse is a farming technique where you can increase yield by controlling biological parameters, so if he could use embedded exploring the true potential of this technology.


So with this, let’s conclude the session if you have any questions feel free to put them in the chatbox below. Thank you, and have a great day.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Internet of Things Applications  to this article, please be kind enough to like it, and you can comment on any of your doubts and worries. At the earliest, we will reply to them lookout for more videos in our playlist, and subscribe to any recorded channel to learn more happy learning.

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