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I’m going to answer frequently asked questions about Javascript, Javascript, what can you do with it, where Javascript code runs, and the difference between Javascript and make my script.

Let’s start with the first question: What is Javascript is that javascript is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages globally.

right now is growing faster than any other programming languages and big companies like Netflix, Walmart, and PayPal build internet applications around Javascript. Here’s the average salary of a Javascript developer in the United States, 97 to $2000 a year.

So it’s an excellent opportunity to get an excellent job of learning Javascript.

You can watch as a front end developer with a backend developer for a full stack developer who knows both the frontend and the backend. Now the second question of what can you do with Javascript for a long time.

What Is Javascript and Why It Is Used ?
What Is Javascript and Why It Is Used ?

What is JavaScript with example ?

Javascript was only used in browsers to build interactive web pages. Some developers refer to Javascript as a toy language.

Still, those days are gone because of enormous community support of Javascript and investments by large companies like Facebook and Google.

These days you can build an entire-blown web or mobile apps and real-time networking applications like chats and video streaming service as and line tools or even games. Here’s an example.

The third question, where does Javascript code run ? Javascript was initially designed to run only in browsers, so every browser has what we call a Javascript engine that can execute Javascript code, for example.

The Javascript engines in Firefox and chrome are spider monkey and V. 8. In 2009 a very clever engineer called Ryan Dalton.

What is JavaScript with example ?
What is JavaScript with example ?

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What is JavaScript and how does it work ?

Took the open-source Javascript engine in chrome and embedded it inside a C++ program he called the program note the note is a C++ program that includes Google’s V. 8 javascript engine.

We can run Javascript code outside of a browser so we can pass or Javascript code to note for execution.

With Javascript, we can build the backend for our web and mobile applications, so in a nutshell, Javascript code can be run inside a browser or note.

How’s yours and notes provide a runtime environment for our Javascript code. Finally, the last question is the difference between Javascript and ECMA script echo script is just a specification.

Javascript is a programming language that confirms that this specification. So we have this organization called responsible for defining standards. They take care of this ECMA script specification.

What is JavaScript and how does it work ?
What is JavaScript and how does it work ?

Find Out What Can You Do With JS ?

The first version of the ECMA script was released in 1997, then starting from 2015, exmo has been working on any old releases of a new specification so in 2015.

They released it was script when 15, which is also called ECMA script version 64 yes 64 short is a specification defined many new features for Javascript. Alright, enough theory.

Let’s see javascript in action so every browser as a Javascript engine, and we can quickly write Javascript code here without any additional tools.

This is not how we build real-world applications, but this is just for a quick demo, so open up chrome, right-click an empty area and go to inspect.

Find Out What Can You Do With JS ?
Find Out What Can You Do With JS ?

What is the JavaScript language purpose

Now, this opens up chrome developer tools. Here select the console tab. This is our Javascript console, and we can write any valid Javascript code here, so type this console.

But a single cold here and then hello world, another single code to terminate.

Because of the practices and a semicolon at the end.

now, as you go through the course, you’re going to understand precisely what all this means of Javascript. For now, don’t worry about it, so now press enter.

What is the JavaScript language purpose
What is the JavaScript language purpose

Why do we need Javascript ?

you can see the hello world message on the consul. You can also write mathematical expressions using Javascript here, for example, 2 plus 2 we get for. Or we can do something like these alerts.

This is a single coat, yo. Enter, and here’s an alert. In the following lecture, I will talk about setting up your development environment or writing javascript code.


Well, hello, it’s Aman. Thank you for reading my Javascript to Torio. I want to quickly let you know that this tutorial is part of my complete Java scrip course.

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