Mortal Kombat X Mobile Mod 3.1.0 free on android

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  • Updated: 27:01:2021 19:17
  • Version: 3.1.1
  • Requirements: Android 4.4
  • Genre: Action
  • Downloads: 50M+
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Experience the ludicrous, instinctive battling of MORTAL KOMBAT X!

Bring the force of cutting edge gaming to your portable and tablet gadget with this outwardly historic battling and card assortment game.

Amass a tip top group of Mortal Kombat champions and substantiate yourself in the best battling competition on Earth.

MORTAL KOMBAT is the 10th adaptation of the battling game that has gotten comfortable to numerous ages. With regards to battling games, MORTAL KOMBAT is consistently perhaps the most noticeable names available, so the distributer NetherRealm Studios constantly resuscitated this game, improving it at illustrations and interactivity, in addition to a greater number of highlights than past variants. The game will assist you with encountering the sensation of being a genuine fighter, participating in the fights among life and passing.

Original Mortal Kombat
MORTAL KOMBAT’s designs style is incredibly vicious with activity scenes depicted truly. You can undoubtedly see the brutality and seep on each blow of the character as an incredible punch that makes the adversary drain, break head or tear the rival down the middle. Specifically, in the wake of winning, the game will give you a short measure of time to conclude how to complete the rival so “cool”. Joining the games with the moderate movement films to appreciate everything about the realistic impression of the game.



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Mortal Kombat is a legendary fighting game announced for all known platforms, including PS4, iOS, XBoxOne, PC.

The game will offer us a totally new and novel storyline, a story where you can meet the bright characters you know, yet additionally totally new legends addressing both the powers of good and malevolence. The game is distributed under the editorship of the makers of Injustice: Gods Among Us , which implies that we will approach extraordinary illustrations and amazing elements – what fans have such a lot of anticipated from the new game in the Mortal Kombat arrangement .


What’s New In Update:

Gold KLASSIC NOOB SAIBOT is available now as a playable kombatant in Mortal Kombat mobile! Straight from the Arcade, Klassic Noob Saibot’s moves are based on Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat Trilogy, bringing you moves like GHOSTBALL and TELE-SLAM! His Passive, BLESSED BY THE SHADOW, enhances his Special Attacks by making them unblockable or activating a continuous chain of attacks! We have also fixed several bugs in this update.

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