Oppo recently released the world’s first smartphone accessory which makes use of the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology feature. The similar kind off technology is used in the range of the latest iPhone models like iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and the all new AirTags. AirTags allow you to control smart home devices at the convenience of just one touch. The new Oppo release is called the Oppo One-Touch Phone Case and it is for their flagship, Oppo Find X3 Pro. The case as the basic purpose obviously gives protection to your smartphone, but that’s not all it does! Additionally, what it also does is it gives strength to the spatial capabilities of the UWB technology to your smartphone. With this, you will no longer have to open different apps to control your smart appliances. You can simply do control them using a one-touch identity sticker on the mobile case.

The actual technology used here is very simple. The one-touch identity stickers on the case are a pair of two round shaped devices which use the UWB technology and also have the choice of two-colours and two-materials water ripple design pattern. The user can place one of them on the smart appliance which they intend to control with the Oppo One-touch and the other one on the One-Touch Smartphone Case. The sticker is built with a magnetic design, and that is the reason why it is very easy to attach to any smart appliance. It comes with an indicator light concealed inside the sticker which will prompt you to know the level of the power status of the appliance it is attached to. Since each and every sticker has a unique identity that you will give to any appliance, it can control only that appliance. And with the UWB technology backing it, the identification becomes very easy.

The UWB technology runs on both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi conventions to establish a close link in between the two devices and helps ease communication. It also provides acute positioning with less interference between the devices, and that’s what makes the One-Touch Phone Case easy to use and will let you control any smart home device by just pointing your device in the respective direction. Note, you will have to make sure anytime you use your phone and the smart appliance that both are in a 15-metre range because that is the demand of distance by the UWB technology.


Oppo’s one-identity sticker braces three modes; Switch, Control Card, and Scene. Every mode can be activated with a double-tap on the back side of the case that has the Oppo identity sticker attached to it. And as said, you will have to point the phone in the smart appliance’s direction to perform the function. The Switch mode turns the smart appliance either on or off, the Control Card mode unlocks the control screen for the paired smart appliance which has more options for you to choose from. The third mode, Scene mode will allow you to trigger a pre-set profile. The user will be allowed choose a profile in which all your smart appliances with the Oppo One-touch attached to it will automatically turn off when you are leaving your home. The sticker uses a USB-C port for charging it.


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