Passenger train service | Railway News | Super news for the people of Tamil Nadu

Passenger train service | Railway News | Super news for the people of Tamil Nadu

Train service

The train service in march last year to control the spread of corona virus in Tamil Nadu. Since then only a limited number of special trains have been operated. For this you need to buy booked ticket. Were advised submit the elevent documents. This contex, there is an expectation among the people of tamil Nadu as to when the uneseved train sevice will be lanched.

To meet thisSouthern ailway hasdecided to graually run unbooked trains. As pat of this it has been announced that uneserved trains will be running to any areas of this , it has been announced that unreserved trains will be running to any aeas from march 17. It is said thatthese willbe opeated on the following routes along with express / Mail fare

Train Details

Villupuram Special Train

  • Train No.06867/06868 Villupuram – Madurai : Villupuam Special Train – Will be operated with 10 second class boxes to travel with unreserved tickets.
  • Train No. 06115/06116 Chennai Egmore – Pondicherry – Chennai : Egmore Special Train – The car will be operated with two Second Class Add car sets 7 General Second Class boxes with booking and nonbooked boxes.
  • Train No. 06087/06088 Arakkonam – Salem : Arakkonam MEMU train It will be operated with two first class cum second class seating boxes and 6 second class compartment.
  • Tickets for these trains will soon be available at all train stations. Season tickets are set to be issued from March 15.

Railway platform ticket price increases 5 times

The platform ticket price has been hiked upto Rs 50 at some railway stations much to the consternation of commuters. Trains operated after the Corona period are known special trains. Tickets are now being charged higher than before for the regular route.

Various benefit have been removed, including the old age fee offer. The railway department say the reason we have increased the fare is because not many people travel if asked.

platform ticket Rs.50 fees

If this platform ticket rate that can be purchased by train loaders at many train stations has been increased. The ticket price has been increased from 10 rupees to 50 rupees. It is possible to travel by train at this rate but there has been speculation as to whether such a large load is required for loaders.

Major railway stations

Platform fares have also been hiked at various railway stations, including Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal and Dadar Terminal. The railways have blamed Corona for this as well. The fares have been increased at seven railway stations in the Mumbai division.

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