Pixel Gun 3D 20.0.1 Latest Apk Download free on android


  • Updated: 16-12-2020, 22:01
  • Version: 20.0.1
  • Requirements: Android 4.1
  • Genre: Action
  • Downloads: 100M+
  • Original URL:


Pixel Gun 3D PRO Minecraft Ed. – A stunning shooter that opens up a new side of the rather famous pixel game world! This time we need to fight in the classic common genre of PC toys shooter! Choose the most powerful weapons , accurate and rapid-fire, and shoot monsters into battle ! Bloody battles await us on large maps with many different evil spirits and other scum. The toy has the ability to multiplayer with DeathMatch modes where our opponent will be a player from all over the world!

Main Features of the Multiplayer.

  • WORLDWIDE and LOCAL connection types.
  • More than 35 unique maps of various shapes and sizes.
  • Varied weaponry with upgrades: Sniper rifles, rocket launchers, energy weapons, magic weapons and many others including mythicals!
  • Up to 10 players in one game.
  • Chat is available! Talk with friends right in the battle.
  • Several online modes: Classic Deathmatch, Deadly Games, Team Battle, Flag Capture, Co-op Survival, Point Capture, Fort Siege.
  • Battle Pass: in the 15.2.0 update, a battle pass was included in the game. There are 30 levels and you unlock a different reward for each.



DIRECTOR: Alex Krasnov

PUBLISHER(S): Alex Krasnov

RELEASE DATE(S): May 6, 2013

COST: Free



Download Link:


What’s New In Update:

Christmas is in danger – all elves have gone missing! Let’s save the holiday together in the new 20.0 update


– Battle Pass. Become a part of the Santa rescue expedition

– Elf Special Forces lottery. Become the coolest elf

– Receive the force of the Dragon Cult Shaman in new lotto

– Holiday vans

What’s new

– Free Play mode. Shoot, drive a car or explore the world with other players

– Custom private matches. Play by your own rules!

– Winter in Battle Royale

– Six reworked maps!

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