Pixel Gun 3D Mod Menu Apk Download Latest Version 18.2.2 For Android 2020


Download Mod: Pixel Gun 3D (Unlimited Coins) v18.2.2

Version: 18.2.2 V3
Root needed: NO
Internet required: YES
Size: Unknown
Price: For My Subscribers Only
Support: Android
Categories: Action Game
Google PlayStore URL: Open

Mod Features:

– Don’t Level Up
Health Regeneration
– No Recoil
– 1 Hit Kill
– Unlimited Ammo/Reload
– Increased Fire Rate
– No Spread
– Level Change Slider (Level 16, Level 38, Level 48, Level 55, Level 65)
– Speed Change Slider
– Jump Height Change Slider
– Godmode
– Increased Shooting Range
– Triggerbot
– Custom Crosshair (Activate before joining a game!)
– Static Crosshair
– Silent Aimbot
– Shoot Laser Bullets
– Shoot Shotgun Bullets
– Shoot Rockets
– Rocket Ride
– Shoot Dash
– Shoot Exploding Bullets
– Shoot Polymorphs – Heavy Weapons Only
– Chams – Activate In Lobby
– Gadget Spam
– Portal Gun
– Money Gun
– Shoot Shock
– Burst Shooting
– Can 3 Cat Spam
– Increased Heavy Explosion Radius
– Reflect Damage
– Add Pet Points
– Pet Godmode
– Pet One Hit Kill
– Increased Pet Speed
– Quick Pet Respawn Time
– Increased Pet Tiers
– Increased Pet Level
– Bunnyhop
– Tutorial Complete
– Mark Enemies
– Add Coins
– Add Gems

Game Description:

In the event that you love the exemplary sandbox called Minecraft ,, at that point attempt the shooter in the first Minecraft style and Counter Strike interactivity. The game offers you multiplayer fights in the Deadmatch mode. You can autonomously make and tweak your own character and send him to the front line. Among the weapons, you can utilize such examples as AK-47, M16, Desert Eagle, gun, Uzi, shotgun and other military hardware.Pixel Gun 3D

Your fights will happen on tremendous guides, among which there are such well known places as: Silent Hill School, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatrass Prison

You can likewise take a stab at endurance mode, wherein you wind up in a world brimming with foes, and where you have to pulverize everybody so as to endure! The quantity of adversaries will continually increment and sooner or later you will be encircled by crowds of zombies assaulting you from all sides.

This game can be downloaded from the official Google Play Store .

Pixel Gun 3D is a unique shooter for android. Its idiosyncrasy lies in the way that outwardly the game looks like the infamous Minecraft Pocket Edition. The interface and all game components are made in a square-block style, including characters and weapons. This is the principal undertaking of RiliSoft Ltd, which, besides, promptly increased incredible notoriety among portable gamers.

The interactivity is suggestive of old fashioned Counter Strike. The players are isolated into two groups and moved to the guide where the fights are occurring. The group that has demolished more foes wins. The player ought to investigate areas, search for adversaries and annihilate them at the principal opportunity. For a triumph, game cash is granted and experience is given, which is important to get a level.

In the Pixel Gun 3Da huge number of areas. To interface with the game, you simply need to pick the guide you like and check whether there are as of now free places. At first, the fundamental character has just a blade, a gun and a firearm. Later on, you can buy new ammo and different enhancements in a unique game store. Notwithstanding the order mode, there is additionally a center in which a produced gathering of players encounter swarms of murderous beasts.

The controls in the game are natural, however not the most advantageous. The virtual joystick on the left is very responsive, and on a basic level it is helpful to control the development. The correct side looks excessively stacked, and on little diagonals, when terminating and turning, you can coincidentally change to explosives, which can prompt the passing of the hero.

Generally,Pixel Gun 3D is a commendable agent of its class. Mindful character advancement, numerous levels and Death Match mode will please aficionados of old school shooters.

Download Link:


What’s new update:

Become a member of Secret Foundation in the Update 18.2!


– Choose your Agent and get access to Anti-Anomaly arsenal in Battle Pass

– Gear up with forbidden guns in Foundation Archive Lottery

– Take control of powerful weapons from the project PGA-1013 “Goo”

– Become an elite Agent X with a new Van


– Special Maps with various gameplay

– Match History in profile

– Likes in battles

– Season lobby bundle

– Reworked maps: Slender Forest, Blockmart and others

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