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  • Updated: 8-02-2021, 13:26
  • Version: 0.15.1 Latest Version
  • Requirements: Android 4.0
  • Genre: Action
  • Downloads: 50M+
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Standoff 2 is a continuation or return of the famous multiplayer shooter, but only now players will face each other in a first-person view. They are already waiting for new maps, models and types of weapons, modes and much more, which makes the classic gameplay incredibly addictive and interesting. The project is still in its early stages, so you should expect regular updates and additional content.

Standoff 2’s main game mode is a Deathmatch, in which two teams battle against each other for five minutes. Unlike the original Counter-Strike, you only have to wait five seconds to respawn if you’re killed. In total, Standoff 2 has three games modes, each one with unique features.

Standoff 2 is a really fun 3D online FPS, with great graphics and loads of different weapons. The best part? All the weapons are unlocked from the get-go, so you can find your favorite and use it immediately.


What’s New In Update:

  • Introducing the “Little Helper” Protocol holiday event!
  • Determine the fate of Christmas by becoming one of Santa’s little helpers or by joining the scheming green elves.
  • Play the Gift Hunt and Spirit of Christmas limited-time modes, complete challenges, and win themed items.
  • Enjoy the game! Happy Holidays!

Hello friends here and welcome back to the channel today as we are taking a look at stand off to here in 2020 as per your guises recommendation I recently posted over on the YouTube channel ask you guys for FPS games to try out it is the 1 that most of you guys actually into recommending now the thing is I’ve actually never heard of stand up to what I say over the last couple days I’ve been playing it actually a lot of fun this game I think is a really great first person shooter because what is video see more videos like this let me know down below in the comments as well as make sure to hit the like button and subscribe to the channel so let’s go ahead and jump straight into a match team deathmatch now there are really only like 2 or 3 negative things about this game they’re sort of like NIT picky thing first is like the main menu seems a little bit old a little bit dated it that’s just kind of like a personal payment for a bad thing it’s functional it just seems a little bit old compared to other games the other thing too is the match make you see right here there’s a 4 players on the counter terrorist 5 or 4 players on the terrace side is that when it comes to match making.

I feel like there’s not a lot of penalties for like just jumping out of matches or like leaving matches and things like that and I’ve had a lot of games were almost my entire team ended up leaving it was just me verses like 3 other guys in it honestly like really sucks because it becomes really really frustrating trying to win certain matches. Come on and just honestly they can be a pretty negative experience other than that like the actual game play is a lot of fun and is a really good first person shooter now this is a game that really relies a lot on accuracy like that the more accurate the better because a lot of other first person shooters it’s more like a spray and pray this one ‘s like if you can accurately it should the enemy. The guy’s not spawned yet you can actually shoot the enemy in the head get instant kill pretty much every single time.

Like that. Now I actually really enjoy the game play this game I love the challenge I love how quickly people can end up dying people don’t feel you know bullet spongy it is a really great first person shooter takes a lot of skill lot of accuracy is challenging it’s fun I will say though it doesn’t feel super rewarding because the actual progression in this game. Is actually it feels really really slow like I’ve been playing the last couple days I’m only level 2. That’s how slow it takes like a full up in this game. Should. And then when it comes to like getting skins or that there is like a whole shop that I think is really really fastening this like entire market place. I think is a really really cool addition all my gosh and move. One spot already. And shot. That’s one thing that I that’s another thing I have to say one other negative is there’s a lot of spawn killing in this game. Like if you can get in a good position on the enemy side you can just sit there and spawn killing like the entire time I played a match where is basically just like that it was really frustrating. I’m popping into popping it up. That’s my teammate probably ended up killing him. But this is going to stand here I really love.

And so you can hide behind this wall the duck down. And we’re probably gonna say here’s one kill these guys because that’s what we do that’s how you win this game. All 4 head shot through my through my teammate. Suck no. What’s your job. One thing is to is like the overall controls of this game they’re a little bit different than other more modern mobile shooters but there’s like lots lots of buttons on the screen very dedicated buttons this one ‘s difference I really actually really like the control layout for this game. Because you can just tap on the top left area of the screen. And your fire it’s actually forced me to learn how to play with 3 finger claw. Which I usually play for finger either on my iPad. Or I’ll just do 2 fingers on my phone but I actually got to see I’ve got a pretty decent. Well gosh I I kept I kept missing the wrong button I was trying to cross down end up messing up. Okay let’s see if we can finish this game off with some. Freaking sweet shots.

It was all that was a head shot by me that’s what I wanted that’s what I wanted. And we’re dominating these guys okay one second 0 and victories ours most valuable player is a Russian name it was not me always somebody that ended up joining at the very beginning the game and see like there were probably one or 2 people on the enemy team that ended up leaving the match which makes it really frustrating for the enemy team and I’m pretty sure there’s been a couple of bots that I played with like that match I wouldn’t like honestly I would be surprised if I want to get spots don’t think too I don’t get any rewards this match any of the coins which is on a CD like a sad reading anything there and I barely got any experience points for 16 kills and like I’ve I’ve been in V. P. several times in this game and I’m still available to like it takes a while to progress in this game like I have a long time now there is a lot of game modes to play interception diffuse arms race sniper tools there’s this is all my stats because .

you’re here this is my election of skins nothing super crazy like I don’t really have anything super cool at this point and it takes a while to get some of these rights like I need 22 of this in game currency in order to get these guys you can see the last match and playing I don’t get anything but probably take me a while unless I want to spend actual money now there is a market place which I think is a really cool idea because if you end up getting really lucky getting a really cool skin the other players one you can put it on the market place and people can buy it from you you can use that to get more crates to get more skins like I really do I dig I think that’s a really cool thing is very similar to counter strike this is a counter strike mobile type game I actually really really like that let’s go ahead and do I wanna do arms race but honestly the thing about arms race is I’ve played multiple matches of that words like me verses like 3 other people and it’s super frustrating and like if you kill a bought it doesn’t count as an actual kills your gun does end up going up. Other than that like I think this is a good FPS games there’s a few things here and there that like maybe not the best experience. I I’ve been really enjoy let’s actually go and take a look at my or is it just. Was the gun that I’m thinking of. This one no it’s not that one and that’s not what I wanted to. That’s fine I can I can scale back but I’m not very good at stopping in the way this is like the practice round we’re not actually playing so. I’m trying to member what done it is. The M. I think it’s this one. I don’t think it is. I suck at saving this game by the way don’t even don’t judge me okay. All of the killer okay let’s go back to the one I’ve been using the most is. Shoots on any it’s all in the small that’s why. Loading it’s okay we’ll just go to a K. it is a classic. Now come on. The kills on enemy team already. This. All my gosh come on. I got a before I died that’s what I’m that’s what I was looking for.

Social media the wall Steve Waugh shooting is freaking nuts in this game sometimes I just don’t understand it. Sometimes I feel like it works at other times I feel like it doesn’t. And we’re going to get like only right now. Thank you. That was my kill. Come on. Everyone’s using my that guys use my M. 4. That is going on over here there’s like 50 of my guys like she that one dude. We have some spawn kills. It will just we can just chart here a couple spawn kills. This guy knows someone spotted there in the corner. That’s fine we got a couple of decent kills I think. Well come on he got a shot gun. E. N. that’s like the most menacing name ever. Come on. The M. 4 pro man. I got the gun is just so freaking the jet. Don’t kill me in the corner. Rampage well come on over tide I thought we were like way way behind all this is gonna be a long match you guys this is going to be a really long match. Oh my goodness. We still have 7 minutes left. All my gosh no no .

I was a lucky had shot that was seriously that was not skill at all. I’m almost dead all my gosh C. O. has like soldiers shot me through the freaking wall. I think it was on my team. Full. Jeez. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh come on. He’s I love it I love when I get head shots is the best thing in the world. Well come on. We just need to go like Rambo right now. Well gosh okay accuracy guys not don’t go freaking nuts. I was a lucky shot. The solution is going on. These people just like frigging wall hacking. What am I gonna get lucky enough to shoot some through all that’s what I want to know. And I can I get the kill to the wall I don’t think I don’t I honestly don’t think I will. The. It wish. US. Well come on. We’re 6 kills behind you guys. I was freaking lucky. I think it. They’re sort of top I think there’s a lot of top. Do these people are just like trying to shoot me to the wall I constantly. You can see people up on the mini map and that’s probably where they’re spot mia. S. 69. Well he’s got his pistol out. I can easily take an amount if I wasn’t you know. I was trying to run N. gun. He’s. Oh my gosh. Every 2 seconds I die. My goodness on my least favorite all if they have a full team we don’t. Well we’re way behind now all my gosh we’ve we’ve actually lost people on my team. We had someone end up quitting. The heck. It looks like it’s really coming from the freaking sky. Nice. All my goodness we’re gonna end up losing because we don’t have as many players and they can just see here okay. One of my teammates is not even playing this is one of the few frustrating things this guy I doubt he’s actually playing look at that see. Oh my gosh you know once you get 100 killed I think apologies to video off my guys do you guys go stand off to I mean not the best display here at the end because we had teammates into believing except to me to just join us maybe is gonna be like a frigging pro or something. Once we actually get to make that play.

I might as well and that you know honestly I’m going to go I’m just gonna finish the match. Even if we end up losing which we probably will. Well there she had somebody leave on their team now we have someone on our team. And we actually make a comeback I doubt it we have a minute left. Don’t give up Julio let’s do this. Nope. I still think yeah we still have one team and my team that’s I’m doing anything. I knew he was looking right at me but I wanted the kills for and. All right 30 seconds left you guys maybe I get the MVP on my team. I got. Elish. 15 seconds left at least we made a 200 kills I mean that’s not bad. Go to the wall. Yeah the last kill. L. is for the most kills a how many kills and I end up getting. I was the best on the team with 47 kills oh my goodness. But yeah there I proved it I’m actually somewhat decent at this game. Do you guys go stand out too I I’ve been really enjoying the game there’s a couple hiccups here and there that make the game a little bit frustrating but the overall gameplay experience I think is a lot of fun so guys thanks much for recommending the game if you guys have another recommendation and possibly have your comments displayed in the next video let me know down below in the comments make sure the like button and subscribe to the channel hi friends I’ll see you next time.

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