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  • Updated: 20-01-2021 20:04
  • Version: 6.7.5
  • Requirements: Android 4.1
  • Genre: Action
  • Downloads: 50M+
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War Robots is an online multiplayer shooter in which you assume responsibility for a goliath robot and battle on the war zone with different clients from everywhere the world. There is no single player crusade here. The activity starts with an overhang, in which the player would first be able to take a gander at his robot. Further, in the wake of squeezing the proper catch, the game sends the client to an irregular fight, where he should get familiar with the rudiments of control.

The virtual joystick on the left is answerable for moving around the guide, on the privilege are the catches for shooting weapons. Turning the pinnacle is done utilizing swipes the ideal way. Two weapons can be introduced on a battle vehicle. Generally they are an automatic weapon and a rocket launcher, yet with the assistance of game money, you can broaden your munititions stockpile. Cash is given for the effective fulfillment of fights, so the robot redesign will get conceivable simply after incessant triumphs in fights.

War is seething, pilot! It is safe to say that you are prepared for shock assaults, multifaceted strategic moves and the numerous slippery stunts your opponents have coming up for you? Obliterate foe robots, catch all the signals, and redesign your weapons to expand your fight robot’s battle strength, speed and sturdiness. Substantiate yourself in each guide and utilize various procedures and strategies to arise successful in fight.

  • TITLE: War Robots
  • GENRE: Action Games, Free to Play
  • DEVELOPER: Pixonic
  • PUBLISHER: Pixonic
  • RELEASE DATE: 5 Apr, 2018



  • Tactical 6v6 PVP
  • 45 battle robots with different strengths
  • over 50 weapon types, including ballistic missiles, energy and plasma guns. What will you choose?
  • 12 Maps to battle on!
  • numerous possible combinations of robots and weapons. Create a war machine to fit your own playing style;
  • create your own clan and lead it to glorious victories;
  • join epic PvP battles against rivals from all over the world;
  • complete military tasks for bonuses and earn the title Best Pilot.


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War Robots with PvP mode incorporates 6 players for each group. Players need to decide the strategies played by the entire group. The individuals cooperating consistently produce the best impact. In the initial not many levels, you will work on utilizing essential activities, for example, moving, assaulting, or discovering adversaries. Not a lot of an issue in those levels, point precisely and takedown quick. Benefit as much as possible from new levels for new players to improve your abilities. Once in the genuine fight, the game War Robots doesn’t permit you to commit any errors. Players may pay with their lives if the strategic count is wrong. To encounter all the elements of the game, you need to arrive at level 20. It is additionally a route for players to consistently have incredible shocks from War Robots.


What’s New In Update:

– Various optimization tweaks

– Minor bug fixes


You too Horowitz and want to progress faster right. When you first open the shop you might feel like wanting everything there is so much going on but since you cannot send honestly students get enrolled within weapon at once you’ve got to choose where you want to go with your hanger eventually you’ll get all the best world it’s either by reading them during intense or by using them in your shop but how to get there in the studio we’ll show you how to reach that dynamically and then set off for you also look for Robert stern been turned. Man starting with some reliable plastics are formidable and will serve you well all the way up to the expertly. The all hands down the best frontline role but the lower leagues the amount of damage that can withstand makes you a perfect choice for pressing the enemy back from beacons.

Grecian lacking in your ability this robot makes up in speed and firepower right grieving can also jump get this from above the ground hello this evolve raucous land behind cover and retreat for full reload the spectrogram fails. Distributed very similar to legal error he treats some durability for an extra heavy weapon slot that makes it a great site where you can do to help lots of damage while remaining relatively safe Gareth to an Indian restaurant in the nation you need to get your beacons Garris is great for that and that is also equipped with I think she’ll the convenience you are too stalker the main purpose of this role but this to capture beacons and it serves its purpose well smoker can also activate stealth which will keep it safe from direct fire. Sticking to these 5 robots you can have a full balance hanger save up lots of resources that you need later and get to them please playing an important role on the battlefield if you want to go the extra mile consider getting Lancelot servers for all who won the gold.

Huge physical shield makes Lancelot super reliable for close range fights and an amazing alternative to New York although the restaurant is rather slow and bulky it’s connected rigid thrusters for short time to get into a home with weaker. Server is great for messing up an appliance it’s building weapons halls 3 projectiles each with its own special effects one immobilizes the target in the other uses its damage and the third slowly corrodes the call how long is a flying role but it can traverse the map quickly and speak dark it’s behind color. Also how one day access management in the ear great choice the break to someone managed by lifting techniques. Now to some types of goals to open all 5 fingers crossed before expanding on anything else. The moral with you can deploy the better the better the results will be I’m great weapons first enrolled with next firepower is important. And you can always switch to another or between your upgraded weapons if you decide to abandon the old one.

Remember gold robots are usually better than 0 but the components sold all to play them both eventually you’ll start using robots with components using your workshop. Your providers may seem out of reach of first but in fact they aren’t the card to get components come from lots of places apart from workshop there are paddle boards and then tests implant asks at some point you may even realize that you’ve completed the flight without even noticing. Try different playstyles. You win resources not only by dealing damage but also by repairing allies in capturing beacons take a moment to look through the owner reportedly stopped her battle each of the owner category springs use humor always supports probe like mentor may come in handy if you’re still struggles to mark consider getting premium. With premiums you will receive a 50 percent bonus since you are after each battle and not just that. Finally remember to keep the weak and the strong points of your hanger in mind.

Not the real world with a suitable for head on attack. Some need to rely on teammates then lock their potential and some will only shine above ordinary if you focus on Beacon controller. Foreign speaking of teammates. If you are looking for reliable team consider finding a glance playing implants use extra rewards also you can look for a squat on our official discord or any other social platforms forums community is full of committed people that will be created to assist you in your journey. That’s it for now off to a good start. That should help you remain competitive even in diamond league and further down the chain pin drop could be counting,nders.

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